Fyxo King Bright


Mount this to your bike or helmet and you'll see where it got its name. It's 'king bright and will illuminate your way, be it bike paths, side streets and mountain bike trails.

The battery life is incredible and will get you through a full days commute in the depths of winter, or enough legs to outlast your own on a blistering night ride.

We've put this light head to head with competitors light that have higher claimed outputs, and the 'King Bright really shines for spread for beam and overall luminosity.

Technical specifications:

- 850 Lumens
- 3 Modes: 'King Bright (4hrs+) / Bright / Strobe (>14.5hrs)
- Cree XM-L T6 LED Samsung Li-ion battery
- IPX-8 standard waterproof
- Made from 'bike-courier-strength' aluminium and weighs 70g
- Battery indicator Green: 100>70% Blue: 70>40%. Red: 40>10% Flashing Red < 10%.

Package Includes:

- FYXO 'King Bright® Headlight unit (70g)
- Battery pack (250g)
- Extension cable (1.2m)
- 2 bar mount straps to suit 26.0 / 31.8 bars
- Helmet mount
- Velcro cable extension strap to fasten cables
-USB Battery charger (with mains plug to suit Australia)