Morgan Blue

Morgan Blue Rolls Pro Lube (Road, Extreme) 125ml


Morgan Blue – Lubricating Oils – Rolls Pro.
ROLLS PRO is a professional, high quality lubricant.
This lubricant contains selected additives to reduce friction, helps to deliver a smoother gear shifts and a reduction of wear and a longer lubrication-time.
Good to use during road racing applications and during the spring and winter seasons.
Application: Use ROLLS PRO to lubricate the chain, drivetrain and other moving parts.
The lubricant penetrates immediately and does not flow/drip from the chain when applied.
ROLLS PRO is well suited for use after having cleaned the chain and drivetrain with Morgan Blue CHAIN CLEANER.
Apply 1 hour before use for best results (this gives the solvent time to vaporize).
Shake well before use.
Properties and Advantages:
Resists high pressure.
Extremely low friction.
Penetrates fast in the chain.
Repels dirt.
Prevents wear and extends life of lubricated parts.
Size: 125mL.